About Us

BATA Marine, Inc. was founded by law enforcement professionals in 2002, comprised of mainly active and retired law enforcement personnel, to set a new precedence of professionalism and service in the maritime industry. Over the years we have expanded our operations and roster in conjunction with the needs and demands of the port community by offering a wider variety of services to include line handling, document delivery, escorting, and a myriad of security solutions to meet our clients’ specific needs. Our foundation is a combination of old-fashioned customer service and satisfaction and a need for higher standards in securing our ports.

Our goals are based on protecting personnel, property, businesses, and the homeland from both foreign and domestic threats. We accomplish our goals by providing skilled and trained off-duty active and retired law enforcement officers with a demonstrated history of good decision-making ability, dependability, reliability, and professionalism. By tapping the resources of local, state, and federal law enforcement we can hold our representatives more accountable while simultaneously limiting the risk and liability to ourselves and our clients. We have also placed ourselves in a better position than our competition to deter, anticipate, handle, and resolve security-based situations when confronted with them in our accepted responsibilities. We operate off of written directives based on United States Coast Guard and United States Customs requirements and suggestions. We maintain an open line of communication with our representatives and our partners in the port community by staying involved with port functions, operational groups and organizations, and accessing all avenues of communication to enable a constant level of awareness, be better informed, and effectively trained. Our written Standard Operating Procedures incorporate everything from operational policies and procedures to strict professional appearance standards. We also operate under written safety policies and an implemented drug and substance abuse policy.

We need our clients, they do not need us, we aspire to have them want us, without them we do not exist. To maintain or expand our business we must not only meet, but exceed, our clients’ expectations. By starting internally and setting higher standards and expectations for ourselves and respecting one another, we will portray the professional image to the port community needed to thrive in our industry.



  • TWIC Credentialed
  • Erailsafe Credentialed
  • MARAD certified FSO certifications, FPWDSD and FPWOD trained

Bonded and Insured

Members of:

  • ISNetworld
  • Infragard
  • Baltimore Maritime Exchange
  • Baltimore Port Alliance
  • Maritime Exchange for the Delaware River & Bay
  • Maryland Coal Association
  • Sail Baltimore Sponsor

About Bata Marine